17 thoughts on “My crazy tonkinese cats in action :)”

  1. Oh, love your tonks as much as possible. I lost my baby Moosie in December and he was the best kitty ever. People who don’t have Tonks don’t understand how great they are. Your babies make me miss mine πŸ™ But thanks for making me smile with this! –Beth

  2. My Tonkaniese cat Alex is annoying and wack. He had a bad infancy. I bought him to save him. I also knew that when I went to pet him, he flinches, and still does, even though he’s thirteen now.

  3. The only situation when my female moggie scratches is when she’s in a box play frenzy like in this video or in a rolled carpet play

  4. Holy cow. You put that big dark one and mine in a room and I wouldn’t know which is mine. Gotta love those Tonks. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. @brushmarius I lost my last Tonkinese cat today. He was 20 years and 2 months exactly. They have such a way with them I could hold him like a rifle and I could spin him around on the floor and he purred. His sister was very noisy as well. Your right, people who don’t have Tonkinese cats probably don’t understand.

  6. @Agui007 I am so, so sorry to hear about you losing your boy. Believe me, I understand the pain of the loss. They are wonderful animals. I know my Moosie is the cat of my lifetime. I have others now, but no one will ever make their way into my heart like my Tonk did. My condolensces. —Beth

  7. @brushmarius Thankyou very much Beth. I can’t believe it’s five weeks this Monday coming. I know he’s moved onto a higher realm and is happier πŸ™‚ x

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