Cats don’t go nyan, they go MEOW!
Behold the result of 8 hours of wasted time in an effort to make the stupidest video I possibly could! Happy 10 Million subscribers everyone! But don’t worry, I’ll have a more serious thank you video coming out tomorrow. I just felt like making something silly today and this is the fruit of my labor!

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73 thoughts on “MEOW”

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    Wanna know why? CUZ THE LAST TIME I READ A COMMENT IS “that cat has an anus, so its a she” AND I MAKE IT WORST BY REPLYING “i dint know GIRLS HAS ANUS” XDDDDDDD

  2. Me: *” Sees cat expecting it to go mew!”*


    Me: *”Awwww”*

    Other kitten: *” MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW *”CLIMBS UP LEG”*

  3. 0:34 when u see someone do a magic trick on you

    Edit: 0:36 people trying to answer cat1: I know is still an humman cat2: it’s not a hunman its a cat cat1: I DON’T BELIEVE YOU cat3 * the guy that knowns: HERE’S A HINT WHAT AM I? 0:41 cat1: I give up 0:42 cat4: answer it’s a cat 0:44 cat1: IT’S STILL A HUMMAN GO AWAY. Edit2: cat5 *doesn’t want to make a part2*

  4. @My opinion doesn’t matter but it’s for the meme bro but u be spittin some philosiphy

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