Cat Litter Problems

For most people that have kitty family members living in their homes, cleaning the litter tray everyday by scooping the cat urine and poop is one of the worst jobs! If you’re seriously looking for a better way, here it is: CitiKitty. It’s a system to train your cat to use the toilet, just like you or any other family member. After you’ve finished rolling on the floor in laughter because you’re convinced your cat would never be able to do this, watch the video below.


CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit cuts costs and leaves less mess! SAVE BIG! Sick of cleaning kitty litter? Sick of spending big money in maintenance?

The madness stops HERE, with the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit! In just a few short weeks, you can train your cat – through a gradual five-step process – to use the toilet in your home instead of going through bag after bag of litter. Through the supplied method, you’ll move your cat’s litter box into the bathroom, then use the included, universal CitiKitty toilet trainer to eventually get your cat to “go” in the restroom. As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank. Weeks of training… years of savings! Litter free: Save thousands on cat litter over your cat’s life; Works with cats of all ages, sizes and breeds; Spare your cat exposure to chemicals and silica dust found in many litter brands; Includes transition tips from experts; Keep your home free from nasty germs from waste and litter; CitiKitty Seat can be removed from the toilet in seconds; Comes with naturally-grown catnip that can motivate and reward cats during transition.; Get yours right here, right “meow”! CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

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